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Architectural Stone Products - Limestone
We provide hundreds of existing stone elements that are Tudor specific and also standard/stock (non-Tudor) stone elements. We welcome bid quote requests on your new or renovation home projects. Send us the architect's drawings, and we will give you a quote. If you do not have an architect, we have a staff of architectural designers that are Tudor experts and can design (in AutoCAD) your custom elements. We can produce most any custom part - simply send us your ideas (photos, sketches, or written text) and we can design it ... AND we can make it.

Here are the basic categories of our Tudor known designs of stone products and our non-Tudor (standard) elements that will add a truely authentic look to your Tudor project. Of course we can make custom stone items per your specifications. All of the stone elements listed here can be customized to fit a variety of openings, lengths, and sizes.

Tudor Stone Elements:
Door Surrounds

Window Surrounds


Coat Of Arms

Bay Systems

Parapet Balustrade



Chimney Reducers


String Courses

Gable Caps

Standard/stock Stone Elements:

About Tudor Stone/Masonary :
Beyond steep gables and half-timbering, architectural stone elements denote Tudor architecture (and English architecture). These stone elements normally take the form of window surrounds and door surrounds on the exterior. Label moulds, which typically top door and window surrounds, are also requisite for an authentic Tudor effect. Stone was used heavily in England in Tudor and medieval times - due to architecture was coming from the fortification period of the early middle ages. Stone was extremely available and durable - lasting many times longer than the oak timbering. This is evident in medieval ruin structures where today only the stone elements remain. Much of Tudor architecture relies on natural products - brick and stone being primary materials. Tudor windows are extremely facinating with their complex stone mullions, steel casements, and leaded glass panels. A house design can have a mixture of elements, but stone window and door surrounds will take the design decidedly English. Stone is almost maintenance-free, needs no termite protection, and will last a lifetime (or two). Today's architecture is demanding natural, heavy, and authentic building materials. Additionally, Tudor architecture requires these stone elements. Tudor interiors also require a significant amount of wood and stone. A Tudor house library or study should have wood walls (small panels only) and a gothic or Tudor arch stone fireplace!
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