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Architectural Stone Products - Tudor Crenellation
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Our Tudor crenellation are authentic English Tudor reproductions. If you do not find the crenelation you require then call or email and we will discuss creating a new custom crenellation.

Example Crenellation:

See examples of Tudor Stone Crenellation

Classic Tudor Crenellation Classic crenellation wall coping using a thick (10") profile (other profiles are possible). The crenellation system has an optional set of 90 degree corner turns. Normally the number of openings (and distance between openings) is customizable and are designed/tailored for each application.

Example Photo

About Tudor Crenellation :
Tudor architecture has many distinctive elements that define this wonderful design pattern. The use of crenellation is especially wonderful as it carries forward its basic fortress roots. Tudor architecture evolved during the fortification period of the middle ages and crenellation was an essential element of fortified walls. Fortified elements were required in England well into the 15th century and included such implements as motes, gate houses, and other protective devices. As the need for fortified protection wained, these elements were retained in some cases for privacy reasons and charm/elegance. At one point in time in England, the use of crenellation was considered a "royal" architectural element, and was therefore forbidden without the state's approval. With modern day Tudor structures, the use of crenellation is simply a wonderful reminder of the ancient origin of this our beloved Tudor architecture.
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