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Tudor Window and Tudor Door Hardware
The following Tudor hardware items are available - most made in an old English foundry:
All are in authentic iron or aged steel and will enhance your Tudor project.
(prices provided below plus shipping fee)
Strap Hinges and Hinge Fronts

Door Handles and Door Knobs

Door Bells and Knockers

Tudor Light Fixtures

Cabinet Door and Drawer Hardware

Tudor Window and Door Accessories

About Tudor Hardware :
Even the most perfectly designed and executed Tudor door can be taken to the next level of authenticity via correct Tudor hardware. Hardware - especially iron hardware was mostly forged by hand by the local smith, but large projects required a forge to be built at the construction site. Each craftsman had their own characteristic style of forging - many times these styles progressed in a vernacular fashion - being handed down from father to son. Tudor manor doors many times had elaborate strap hinges that were both decorative and functional. These hinges were functional in that they provided extra strength across the door to support the massive weight of these heavy, many times oak, doors. For this reason, the strap hinge normally extends across most (or all) of the width of the door. A latch and door ring combination was the normal lockset of the Tudor times. New home Tudor architecture requires a significant amount of forged iron on windows and doors.
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