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Tudor Architectural Design Services

We offer several Tudor architectural design services that anyone renovating an existing Tudor structure or building a new Tudor structure can utilize. Tudor Artisans specializes in Tudor architecture - from Tudor/English cottage design, to historical Tudor Revival renovations, to new Tudor Manors - we are THE company that can best help you with your project. If you have not already seen our project gallery, then please review our more significant projects. Our examples pages show Tudor components that we have both designed and fabricated.

Tudor Design Packages:

Here are a few design products that you can purchase through Paypal - after which we will contact you to gather the details about your project:
Design Review of Plans or Existing Structure - includes a full written report that includes photos/drawings to illustrate the points made in the report. If you provide photos of an existing structure, we will optionally provide a velum sketch overlay. The report can also include typical building/construction considerations that accompany the proposed changes. We will recommend additions or changes that would make your design more authentic, historically correct (Tudor Revival), or how to modernize an historical residence while maintaining its original design integrity.

Tudor Design Review: $700

We review your design - either your current/existing structure or your plans for a new structure - and propose changes. This service is by the hour at $55/hour. If you require more than one hour, then select this item for as many times as the number of hours you may require.

Important note, depending on the design task, sketches take more than one hour to complete. It may be best to call and discuss your sketch requirement with a designer before purchasing this item!

Tudor Design Sketch or velum overlay (one hour of design time): $55

Other Payment Services:

Use this service to pay for a Tudor Artisans Invoice via Paypal - after which we will respond to you with your updated invoive:
Use this option to pay a Tudor Artisans invoice. The "unit" on this option is one US dollar ($1.00). Therefore, if your invoice was for $510, then you would enter "510" as the quanitity.

Tudor Artisans Invoice payment:

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