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Example Tudor Doors

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Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6

Example 7

Example 8

Example 9

Example 10

Example 11

Example 12

Example 13
Mahogany Tudor Plank Door with our Strap Hinges and heavy door knocker

Example 14

Example 15

Example 16

Example 17

Example 18

Example 19

Example 20

Example 21

Example 22

Example 23

Example 24

Example 25

Example 26

Example 27

Example 28

Example 29

Example 30

Example 31

Example 32

Example 33

Example 34

Example 35

Example 36

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Example 38

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Example 40

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Example 56

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Example 60

Example 61

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Example 64

Example 65

Example 66

Example 67

Example 68

Example 69

Example 70

Example 71

Example 72

Example 73
Shown with Custom Forged Straps

Example 74
Jacobean Panel

Example 75
Jacobean Panel - Dutch

Example 76
Jacobean with Glass Panels

Example 77
Custom Carved Gothic 6-light

Example 78
Tudor Panel

Example 79
Jacobean Panel 2/3 light with chamfered label moulding

Example 80
Tudor Panel 4 light Double with Linen-fold panel carvings

Example 81
Jacobean 15 Panel Quarter-sawn Oak with leaded glass window, operable speakeasy door, and bronze nail heads

Example 82
Leaded glass window and operable speakeasy door detail for Jacobean Panel Door

Example 83
Interior Door in Mahogany

Example 84
Interior Sliding Double Door in Oak in Mariemont, OH

Example 85
Mahogany Tudor Door with Diamond Pattern sidelights

Example 86
Quartersawn Oak double Door with our Elongated Diamond Pattern Leaded Glass

Example 87
Quartersawn Oak Double Door with Tudor Arched Diamond Pattern Lights

Example 88
Mahogany Tudor Panel with Sherwood stone surround in Maryland

Example 89
Quartersawn Oak Interior door with arched upper panels and trefoil spandrel carvings - paneling also ours with Gaelic Sayings and Celtic Pattern Carvings

Example 90
Quartersawn Oak Tudor Panel half-light door

Example 91
Historical style mahogany 2/3 Light door with stop-start routered rails/stiles

Example 92
Tudor Panel with small upper/middle window

Example 93
Mahogany 2/3 Light double door with linenfold carvings and mortised 3-point locking system option (note: handsets by Rocky Mountain)

Example 94
Quartersawn Oak Tudor 4-center half-light door with sidelights - traditional leaded glass and mortised 3-point locking system option

Example 95
Mahogany Half-Light Tudor Panel Door with Diamond Leaded Lights (satin seedy glass) with one of our Limestone Door Surrounds. This door install involved changing the brick to accomodate the Tudor arched door (prior door was rectangular)

Example 96
Mahogany Classic Plank Door with Diamond window with antique hardware.

Example 97
Quarter-sawn White Oak Tudor arched panel door with deep bolection panel mouldings and extra deep jamb

Example 98
Diamond Pattern Leaded glass Door with sidelights and transoms, with matching windows

Example 99
Stuart Plank Mahogany Tudor Arched, pre-finished Jacobean Brown, small window with Diamond Leaded Glass Lites

Note: This door is available on our Clearance page !

Example 100
Stuart Plank Mahogany Door, pre-finished Jacobean Brown, small window with Diamond Leaded Glass Lites

Example 101
Segment Radius arched Mahogany Door, pre-finished Jacobean Brown, Diamond Leaded Glass Lites

Example 102
Mahogany Door, pre-finished Red Mahogany, Diamond Leaded Glass Lite, Iron straps and Large knocker

Example 103
Segment Radius arched Mahogany Door, pre-finished Jacobean Brown, Diamond Leaded Glass Lite

Example 104
Mahogany Door, 8-panel (upper panels arched), Diamond Leaded Glass Lites, Bolection panel mouldings

Example 105
Tudor arched Mahogany Door with Wooden Door Surround, pre-finished Jacobean Brown, Diamond Leaded Glass Lites. Our wooden surrounds allow Tudor arched doors to work in rectangular door rough openings!

Example 106
Tudor arched Mahogany Door with per-installed triple point lock mortise box - which allows door faceplate and handle hardware install via a screwdriver!

Example 107
Tudor Panel with speak easy door.

Example 108
Tudor Panel 8-foot Half-lite Mahogany Door - coupled with our inner and outer limestone Tudor arched surrounds

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