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Crests/Coat of Arms
e are dedicated to the design and development of period Tudor architectural products executed in authentic materials (high quality woods, iron, glass, limestone, plaster, bronze, and copper). We specialize in old English Tudor architectural design and reproductions. We can help you design your Tudor house plans or architectural components/details, and then fabricate these hard-to-find components!

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Crests/Coat of Arms
Tudor Artisans Specializes in Tudor Restoration and Tudor Construction Your source for Tudor Architecture including doors, windows, glass, stone and more

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About Tudor Architecture :
Tudor architectural elements are comprised of natural, heavy materials that fit quite naturally into the landscape. These elements normally require materials like oak, slate, brick, and stone that are very much in keeping with today's architecture trends. Stone door surrounds, heavy oak doors repleat with iron hardware signal Tudor architecture. Stone window surrounds and stone mullions encasing beautiful Tudor diamond leaded glass windows denote Tudor architecture and style. These elements are almost required for an authentic Tudor house design. Steep gabled slate roofs and half-timbering also are heavy Tudor indicators. Our company (and this website) exclusively specialize and focus on these architectural elements. We not only have exterior focus, but also hold that interior components are equally important. Such components as wood paneling and linen-fold in an ornate Tudor Library or Study, plaster ceiling patterned panels, and limestone fireplace surrounds are hallmarks of classic Tudor design. We also specialize in heraldry - crests and coat-of-arms elements executed in carved limestone, wood carvings, stained glass, and painted glass. Stained glass became very important in Churches in the middle ages which ebbed into manors and other high-end residences. Glass panes were required to be small as glass could not be produced in large pieces. Sun-catcher portraits, heraldry and other art was typical in important glass panels - like those in stair wells and in the great halls. Visit the Stan Hywet Hall website to see exquisite Tudor architecture examples! Tudor architecture was a derived form of Gothic architecture where many of the same design characteristics exist: changeability, asymmetry, and artistic hand-crafted ornament like wood/stone carvings, painted leaded glass, etc. Tudor architecture, like Gothic architecture also both mean high quality, natural materials that seem to be an extension of the earth itself. Both Tudor period architecture and Gothic architecture permit the interior functionality to take priority over the exterior symmetry and sensibility. Artistically ornamented functional elements are the hallmark of this our beloved Tudor architecture - which has its origin founded firmly in ecclesiastical architecture and Gothic architecture! Steel windows are an important aspect of the Tudor Revival period of England and the United States.

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