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Architectural Stone Products - Tudor Parapet Balustrades
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Our Tudor parapet balustrades are authentic English Tudor reproductions. If you do not find the parapet balustrade you require then call or email and we will discuss creating a new custom parapet balustrade. Although most of the links below represent limestone elements, any of these can be fabricated in limestone as well.

Example Screens/Balustrades:

See examples of Tudor Stone Screens/Balustrades

Gothic Balustrade System Classic balustrade system with a gothic motif within the balustrade screen-type panels. The balustrade system has several panel configurations that provide for section length flexibility. The balustrade system also has a tailored hand-rail, plinth stone, and pier section that are designed to work best with this style of screen balustrade. The balustrade can be configured to utilize the small (13.43" length) end panel by itself or in a pair, two full panels (each full panel is 19.625" length), or other combinations. The balustrade has a total height of 36" and a screen thickness of 3.5". The piers have several configurations to support corners, strait in-line, or end pier requirements. A half-pier is also available for completing at a wall. An optional drainage plinth section is also available. The balustrade can be shipped tailored to an exact layout (drawn by our designers). Piers should be placed at least every 8 feet.

Photo (assembly in-process)
Limestone Gothic Balustrade Photo 1
Limestone Gothic Balustrade Photo 2
Limestone Gothic Balustrade Photo 3

Limestone Gothic Balustrade 3-D Design Drawing


Piers: Corner (drawing), End (drawing), In-line (drawing), Half End (drawing)

About Tudor Balustrades :
Architectural stone elements denote Tudor architecture (and English architecture). Some of the most decorative of these stone elements for the exterior of a home are parapet screens and balustrades. These stone structures can be quite ornate. Parapets are low architectural walls that exist along the roofline or balcony of a structure. Crenellation is also a type of parapet. Parapet screens are pierced walls (usually) and can take on beautiful ornate patterns and at times enhanced with carvings. The typical parapet screen can also be used on a terrace or along a garden wall or retaining wall.
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