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Tudor Design Services and Product Warrantees

Tudor Design Services

We provide Tudor design services that help fill in the important gap between the architect's general plan and the builder's implementation. We have experienced Tudor designers that are extremely knowledgeable about historical Tudor details -AND- we can also fabricate them. We have a huge Tudor and Gothic library of reference material to aid your project. This bibliography of books is available on our Book Reference page. Additionally, many materials are available via e-book purchase. Our design drawings are professionally made using AutoCAD which can be easily inserted into a larger architect's drawing. Our design duration can be (depending on the design) expedited due to some of our more popular product's drawings are already available. Our design services can include an on-site visit to your project. Our fee is $55 per hour (including travel time). Extreme travel expenses may also be charged depending on the project. Our skilled team can certainly help you obtain the authentic Tudor results you seek!

Design Review Special

We currently offer a service package that includes a complete review of your architectural plan and a critique with suggestions for additions and/or modifications (up to a 20 item list). The critique would also include many photos and/or drawings (existing) with explanations to help you understand how the proposed changes would improve your project. This service is offered for $700.
To purchase this service (or other design services, go to the services purchase page!

Product Warranty and Policies

Product Warranty and Policy Signature Documents:

Signature Document (PDF format) : Warranty / Policy Signature Document (PDF)
Signature Document (RTF format) : Warranty / Policy Signature Document (RTF)

Product Warranty
We warranty our products for 1 year against manufacturing defects.

Product Quotes
Product quotes remain valid for 45 days from the day of the quote (provided in writing - usually via email). Material changes to the product design, quantity, or type of material, etc since this original quote shall be justification for a re-quote. This can happen even after your design process has initiated.

Freight Quotes
Freight quotes remain valid for 30 days from the day of the quote that is provided in writing (usually via email). Material changes to the destination, destination type (commercial vs residential), weight/quantity, or type of material, etc since its original quote, shall be justification for a re-quote. Normally, a lift-gate at delivery will be included. If a lift-gate is not required, then please advise us before the shipment is quoted.

Order Deposits and Customer Accounts
Tudor Artisans requires a 25% deposit to be made before an order can go into design. Tudor Artisans requires a 2nd 25% deposit (50% deposit total) to be made before any product can go into fabrication. Tudor Artisans requires a 100% total payment (including crating/shipping) to be made before any product can be delivered (including local deliveries). IMPORTANT: It is our firm policy that 25% initial design deposits are non-refundable (for standard or custom products) where design work has already started . It is our firm policy that 50% fabrication deposits are non-refundable for standard or custom products that have been approved for production, unless the products are deemed reusable/resellable. It will remain the sole discretion of Tudor Artisans if a custom product is re-usable/re-sell-able. IMPORTANT: any and all product warranty is invalidated if the customer's account is not paid in full. This applies to unpaid material, services, labor, or other fees relating to any invoice on the customer's account. IMPORTANT: product deliveries may be held if past due unpaid invoices exist on the customer's account. Unpaid balances may also be subject to property lien.

Lead Times and Fabrication Delays
Tudor Artisans is not responsible for delays that can occur during the fabrication process. Resulting construction/project delays are a normal part of the building process. We will do our best to meet standard fabrication times and minimize delays, but cannot guarantee lead times. This is especially true for custom product orders (which accounts for over 90% of all orders). Standard lead times provided at order startup should be used as a guideline - and initiate at the moment of drawing approval.

Invoices and Design Documents
Your invoice should be as specific as possible at the time of the initial deposit. The design process can result in design changes that can affect the product's invoice - which will be modified (with the customer's approval) as the design drawing progresses to approval. Once the design drawing has been approved by the customer, any changes made after that point must be carefully considered by your designer. If fabrication has already progressed, changes will not be permitted.
Lead times for fabrication are guidelines, and do not start until acceptance of the design document.

Shipping Policy
All shipments are shipped FOB our shipping location. Therefore, we are not responsible for shipping damages. That said, we will always strive to crate product as protective as possible. We will work with the shipper to attempt to claim insurance (all freight shipments are insured via standard NMFC rules). The receiver/customer has obligations when receiving damaged product which must be adhered to for damage claims to be processed. The obligations include: external inspection for damage indication, photos of damage if found, rejection of product (request shipper to return product to their dock), and immediate (within 4 hours) notification to Tudor Artisans.

Internal (not visible) shipping damage does occur at times, and this must be reported immediately upon receipt of the products and documented. You should inspect the product upon receipt and notify the shipper and Tudor Artisans as soon as possible - within 24 hours of receipt. Supporting information like photos are required to adequately document a products defective or damaged condition.

Remakes/rework will be subject to adherence of this policy. Potential delay can occur for remake/rework and possible additional costs.

After Delivery
Received and inspected products should be securely stored. We cannot be held responsible for onsite damage or theft.

Product Recourse and Returns
Our goal is to have 100% satisfaction. If you are displeased with the products you receive, then we will work with you as much as possible to ensure your satisfaction. We take great pride in our work, but at times either party (us or the customer) can make mistakes due to mis-communication or misunderstanding. This will hopefully be minimized by email verifications, design drawings, etc. that are reviewed (for correctness) and approved by the customer.

Most products are custom made for our customers. If it is discovered that incorrect information was received by Tudor Artisans for a product order, then it will be up to the discretion of Tudor Artisans if some modification can be attempted - or a return accepted. This is especially true for custom products that are made to order. If a return is accepted in any case, then the buyer will minimally pay for crating and shipping back to Atlanta, Georgia.

Standard products (include hardware, some copper products, etc that are not custom ordered) can be returned (if not damaged in any way) at the expense of the buyer for proper crating, shipping, and a 20% restocking fee. If the product is deemed resell-able, then the remaining payment will be refunded via Paypal (or other acceptable mechanism). It will remain the discretion of Tudor Artisans if returned product will be repaired, replaced or payment refunded.

Product Dimensions and Alignment
All products such as stone assemblies should be inspected at time of receipt for damage or dimension issues. All assemblies should be laid out flat (including joints) per the approved shop drawings. All product should be inspected for proper dimensions, alignment, and proper operation BEFORE installation is attempted. It is the customer's responsibility to notify Tudor Artisans of any dimension or alignment difficulty immediately upon discovery.
Tudor Artisans cannot be held responsible for product damage, fit or alignment problems reported after installation has occurred. This policy applies to all products.
Because improper installation can greatly affect operation and alignment, the customer assumes responsibility of the product if installation occurs.

Product Finishing
All products that are shipped unfinished (no moisture seal) must be protected via a proper finishing process that seals the material from water or corrosion immediately following delivery. Products left unfinished and exposed to the elements (even in a covered or protected structure that does not have air conditioning and heat), will have voided its warranty. Even finished products should be protected as much as possible from exposure to the elements until installed. The finishing process should protect all surfaces (all 6 sides of a door for example that includes the bottom, top surfaces). For doors, this means removing the door sweep to finish its bottom side, and its hinges to finish the hinged side.

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